Welcome to the Lap of Sri Annan Swamigal

           Sri Annan Swamigal is a great Siddha born  on 12-01-1937  in Pudur village of Thirunellikkaaval in Tiruvarur district,Tamilnadu.He led a simple life and performed many life changing miracles for the devotees.He was an integral yogi guiding and uplifting His devotees even after His Samadhi in 1989.

           Many miracles are performed by Him even now for the devotees who fervently pray for His guidance. Siddhas never die.They always live in astral and causal planes.They possess all the attributes of Divine Supreme.They work for the fulfillment of lower beings towards the God-Realisation.

             Sri Annan Swamigal too, being one of the Supreme Siddhas of modern era,shower His Grace for the well-being and prosperity of  devotees.Many miracles experienced by the devotees bear testimony for this assertion.

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May Sri Annan Swamigal Rescue all from physical and mental turmoil and bestow  lasting peace and happiness..